Wire Flattening Solutions

Our Otto2 Wire Flattener is capable of 2 way flattening aluminum & copper, film-coated magnet wire.

The flatteners are designed to work with coil-winding machinery.

Wire Flattener Features:

● The Otto2 Wire Flattener is a self-contained machine
● Single flattening head on single machine base or dual head on single machine base
● Maximum flattening speed of 1500 ft/min. Speed is variable and controlled by the analog dancer sensor to match the speed of the winding machine.
● Fixed rolls. There are no grooved rolls to purchase or change.
● Wire thickness continuously adjustable in 0.5 mil steps from .005” to .375”.
● 6″ diameter flattener rolls with digital roll gap indicator
● Motor & Drive: 10hp (7.5kw), optional 15hp (11kw)
● Wire-out switch for customer connection to the winding machine.
● The flattener speed exceeded the relay for connection to the winding machine.
● Customer connection for drive enable/disable, typically used for low air pressure.
● Adjustable dancer pressure.
● Dual jog switches for manually feeding wire.
● Quick flattener head disassembly for easy maintenance.
● Power Requirements: 380-480vAC 3ph 48-63Hz 20amp (10hp) or 30 amp (15ph)
● Air Requirement: 80 psi (550kPa)
● Approx. dimensions: 24″ x 70″ x 72″h for Single Head / 28” x 96” x 72” for Dual Head Machine

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Otto2 Wire Flattener – Dual Head
Single Head Wire Flattener
Otto2 Wire Flattener – Single Head